New Pets

Puppy's First Veterinary Exam
Adopting a Puppy or Adult Dog
How to Train Your New Kitten
Kitten Checklist
How to choose the right Veterinarian
Kitten's First Vet Checkup
Cats for Pets
Finding Kittens
What To Do When You Find A Young Kitten

Fleas, Disease, Virus

Zoonotic Diseases
Preventing Fleas
Canine Heartworm
Feline Heartworm Disease
Kidney Disease & Hydration
Stray Cats Part 1- Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
Stray Cats Part 2-Feline Leukemia/FIV
Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) Symptom
Pet Cancer
Puppy Parvovirus
Parvo Virus in Dogs
What You Need to Know About Disc Disease in Dogs
Disc Disease in Dogs (Part 2)
Cruciate Ligament Disease
Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease
Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease


Dog Walking With The Gentle Leader
Keeping Cats Out of The Dryer
Cat Problems - Spraying the House
Calming Dogs with a Pheromone Collar
Calming Dogs

General Pet Ownership

Owning a Bulldog
Cat Baths
Tips on Taking your Dog to the Dog Park
Canine Walking with Control by using the Gentle Le
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Lost Pet Recovery Tips
The Need for Pet Insurance
Skunk Odor Remedy
Porcupine vs. Dog
Internet Diagnosis
Taking Care of Your Indoor Cat
How to Properly Clean Your Dog's Ears
Giving Your Pet Medicine
Spotlight on Veterinary Technicians
Outdoor Canine Requirements


Cat String Stuck in the Intestines (Linear Foreign
Dangers of Sugar Free Gum and Dogs
Keeping your pets safe from or during fires
Anti freeze & Other Automobile Dangers to Pets
Xylitol- Harmful Ingredient in Candy and Sugarfree
Holiday Dangers - Food & Decorations
Car Engine Dangers


Canine Rehabilitation Program


Bladder Stone Removal Surgery
Cruciate Ligament Surgery
Fracture Repair Surgery


Dental Cleaning


Pet Allergies


Allergic Dermatitis - Itchy Dog
Skin Mites - Scabies
Skin Mites - Demodex

Eye Health

Common Eye Diseases like Dry Eye
Common Eye Diseases like Glaucoma

Hip Health

Hip Dysplasia Part 1
Hip Dysplasia Part 2
Canine Hip Dysplasia- FHO Surgery
Arthritis Pain

Summer Topics

Brown Spots on Lawn
Heat Stroke
Canine Heat Stroke- Staying Cool
Water Safety

Winter Topics

Switzerland Canine Breeds: Cold Weather Dogs
Northern Canine Breeds
Cold Winter Pet Safety Tips

Holidays & Parties

Party Dangers for Your Pet
Holiday Dangers
Easter Sweets & Pets


Car Sickness Prevention
Safety Tips While Traveling with Your Dog
Traveling with Cats


Pet-Stock 2013
Pet-Stock 2014 Preview

Safety Training

Safety Training Video - Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic