Trax the Owl is Doing Well!

Dr. Andersen and the crew at BSVC donate their time caring for wildlife. This is Trax, a juvenile Barred owl that was found near a road earlier this Spring with a broken wing. He was found to be otherwise strong and healthy, but x-rays showed completely fractured radius and ulna (same as our forearm). Dr. Andersen took the young owl to surgery and repaired the bones using small pins called K-wires threaded into the medullary cavity (the hollow center) of the bones.

After surgery, Trax has been cared for and rehabilitated by Eric and Linda with North Country Wildcare for the past 2 months. Yesterday, he was in for a recheck x-ray which showed the bones nicely healed! The pins were removed and Trax is ready for some flight cage training to get ready for his release. Caring for wildlife is just one of the many ways your veterinarians at the BSVC give back to their community.

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