Pocket Pets

More and more families have small and adorable members – commonly known as “pocket pets.” These include rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, chinchillas and ferrets, among others not seen as often such as hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

We can help out Mice

We at the Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic understand that these furry friends are as lovable and can hold the same place in your heart as any of the bigger pets. Our veterinarians and dedicated staff are more than happy to help you look after your little loved ones and give them the best possible care.

Since most pocket pets are prey to larger animals in the wild, their instinct is to try not to show any outward signs of medical problems. Showing any sign of weakness would be very dangerous. Additionally, their size makes them more vulnerable to their environment. Their teeth, digestive tracts and nutritional needs give them special issues that need routine care.

If any of your pocket pets are not acting right, do not wait to seek veterinary care. The faster a problem is caught, the more likely we can help to resolve it. We will provide a full exam as well as diagnostic tests, when necessary, such as radiology and bloodwork. We also offer dentistry and surgery if needed.

Although vaccines are not required for most of them, ferrets being the exception, we recommend an annual exam to check your pocket pet’s health and discuss their special needs with you. Many behavior problems can be avoided with the correct nutrition, tailored for each species’ correct environment, or occasionally by having them spayed or neutered.

Please call Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic at 518-885-5650 to schedule an appointment for your small and adorable family member. All Pocket pet exams are $50.

  We can help Guinea Pigs