What is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is defined as the stimulation of a specific point on the body with a specific method that results in a therapeutic homeostatic effect.  The specific point on the body is called the acupuncture point (acupoint) or “Shu-xu”.  The ancient Chinese discovered this thousands of years ago after they realized that the health of the body depends on the state of Qi (pronounced chee). This life force or vital energy flows through the physiological body 24 hours a day maintaining a balance of Yin and Yang. The balance can be interrupted by a virus or bacteria (pathological factor) consequently allowing a disease to occur.  The goal is to relieve the blockage of Qi to allow the flow and enable the body to heal itself.

The first visit for Acupuncture will typically take 40 minutes and depending on the severity of the condition would determine how often your pet would need follow up treatment (usually every 2 weeks for 1/2 hour).

Seeing is believing when it comes to Acupuncture.  Check out our shared testimonial and many other pets have also experienced pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and gastrointestinal regulation. Some patients even fall asleep during the procedure!

It can be used for lots of things like: Muscle soreness, back pain, disc problems, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, seizures, facial or radial nerve paralysis, diarrhea, gastric ulcers, colic, vomiting, constipation, impaction, asthma, cough, uveitis, behavioral problems, cushing’s disease, hyperthyroidism, infertility, hypothyroidism, renal failure, geriatric weakness, skin problems, heaves, and anhidrosis.

It is contraindicated for fractures, pregnancy, open wounds, and infectious diseases.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below and we can contact you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Randi Armstrong.


dsc06970My dog twisted his ankle while he was playing on 8/21/16. My vet put him on 2 kinds of pain medication. One of the medications was for his arthritis. (After an exam, they felt he was feeling pretty achy with the pain from the arthritis.) I did not want him on pain medication for the rest of his life. I spoke to Dr. Salamun and she agreed that I needed an alternative plan to care for his arthritis. For me, I chose acupuncture for my arthritis so why not choose the same thing for my dog. I heard the recording on my vet’s phone about how they do acupuncture to help just such things.

Dr. Salamun agreed that the acupuncture would not just encourage the healing of his twisted ankle, but also release pain relieving hormones to his arthritis. She and talked to me about signed him up for 5 visits with their acupuncturist, Dr. Randi Armstrong.

My dog Scooby is a very nervous dog. He shakes a lot. (He is a rescue dog.) Scooby took really well to the acupuncture. You would never know Scooby was nervous. The process put him so at ease that we found him falling asleep and snoring on the first visit.

dsc06967When Scooby first walked in, you could see his shoulders really making an effort to help him walk. Since he’s gotten the acupuncture, you really see a difference with the relaxing way he walks.

After the third visit, Dr. Armstrong stopped one of the pain medications. I found Scooby galloping in the yard.

After the fourth visit, Dr. Armstrong stopped all the pain medication.

There has been such a change in Scooby. You’d never know he got hurt or that he has arthritis.


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