Save on Bravecto in October


The tick is most active in the Spring and again in the Fall, but we see tick bites ALL YEAR LONG on any day over 40 degrees.

Bravecto offers 12 weeks of continuous protection against fleas and ticks with just 1 dose, and it kills 100% of fleas and ticks in 12 hours!

During the month of October, we are offering $10 off the purchase of 2 or more doses of Bravecto PLUS the manufacturer rebate ($15 rebate for 2 or 3 doses, $30 rebate for 4 doses)!

With a purchase of Bravecto, you have a choice of a free Bravecto frisbee, leash or water bottle while supplies last.

We are open 7 days a week, so stop by to take advantage of these fall savings!

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