November is Senior Pet Month!

After the age of 7, your pet is considered a senior pet.  As a senior, careful monitoring becomes even more important as disorders, thyroid, and renal disease become very common.  Early Detection is the key!  We recommend:

  • Yearly exams from 1-6 years old and Semi-annual exams after the age of 7.
  • Yearly bloodwork and urine test to get a baseline and for early detection.


EDP (Early Detection Profile) Senior Wellness Profile November Special $150.00

Includes: Super Chemistry, CBC, Thyroid test, and Urine test

Regular Price = $165.00
November Special = $15.00 off the profile


Senior Rehab Package $500.00

Includes: 5 level 2 Laser Treatments and 5 Rehab Sessions

Regular Price: $267.50 + $325.00 = $592.50 (Regular Discount Price = $515.00)
That is a savings of $77.50 with the package instead of doing them separately.
November Special = $15.00 off the package


How old your pet is in human years?

You can see why semi-annual exams after 7 years of age are needed. Dogs and Cats age on average about 2-3 years every 6 months!

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