December is Gift Giving Month!

dog and cat toys

‘Tis the season of sharing and giving gifts from the heart. Don’t forget that kitties and puppies love getting gifts too. Stop on in to check your furry friend off your shopping list.

During the Month of December:

$1.00 off dog toys

$0.50 off cat toys

pheromone products

Another common occurrence during the holidays is having company over. Does your pet get stressed out? Does he/she hide away and not come out for some time? We can help with that. We have a selection of different pheromone products which mimic the pheromone that the mother dog/cat produces to calm and reassure her litter.

During the Month of December:

$5.00 off Adaptil and Feliway products

$5.00 off nurtureCALM collars

We are open 7 days a week, stop by!

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