Another Successful TPLO at Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic

TPLO is the method of repair for the torn cruciate ligament considered the method of choice by surgical specialists around the world. At BSVC, Dr. Andersen has been repairing knees with this method since 2008 after receiving special training.

Here is a short video clip of Esther, a 7 year old Labrador who had surgery just 4 weeks ago. She was pulling at the leash and full weight bearing on the operated leg.

Esther at 4 weeks post TPLO surgery at BSVC


This is the pre-operative x-ray showing the measurement of the TPA – the tibial plateau angle:


Following are the post-op x-rays showing the osteotomy (bone cut) and the plate application.


Esther is a happy camper!

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