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April Specials: Boarding Extras & Heartworm Preventative

Spring is here, and so are our APRIL SPECIALS!

This month we have deals on Boarding Extras and on Heartworm Preventative.

These offers expire on April 30, 2014 so take advantage of them now!


Boarding Extras:

Deal 1 – $10 off Grooming Package (Reg. $50) – includes a bath, nail trim, ear clean, and anal gland expression

Deal 2 – $5 off Underwater Treadmill Session (Reg $25) – includes an awesome 20 minute exercise on our underwater treadmill with a trained assistant

Deal 3 – Buy 3 Underwater Treadmill Sessions at regular price and receive 1 Future Day of Boarding FREE


Heartworm Preventative:

Deal 1 – $10 off a 12-pack of Tri-Heart Plus and $5 mail in rebate

Deal 2 – $10 off a 6-pack of Revolution


April is Heartworm Disease Awareness Month and we are offering these great deals on Tri-Heart Plus for dogs and Revolution for cats to help you prevent illness in your pets and save some cash!

Heartworm disease is fatal to dogs and cats. It is caused by the heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis. This worm lives inside your pet’s heart, eventually causing heart failure and death. The parasite spreads from pet to pet by way of mosquito bites. Once your pet has heartworm disease, treatment is expensive and potentially dangerous, therefore, with heartworm disease, prevention is the key to control.  Remember: Heartworm Disease is a DEADLY DISEASE which is easy to prevent and difficult to treat.

For heartworm prevention in dogs, we recommend Tri-Heart Plus, a monthly anti-heartworm treatment given in the form of a snack that dogs love. Tri-Heart Plus is sold in packages of 6 or 12 individual monthly chewable tablets.  Tri-Heart Plus also contains pyrantel, an intestinal wormer that will keep your dog free of roundworms and hookworms. Before starting prevention, it is important to know the heartworm status of your dog. We get this information with the heartworm test.

A new problem –  heartworm larvae are slowly becoming resistant to the medication in the preventatives, so a single monthly dose may not kill all the larvae, it may take a second or third monthly dose to kill all the larvae from an exposure. This makes year ‘round prevention critically important. If a dog gets a mosquito bite and HW exposure on October 13th, gets the next dose of Tri-Heart on November 12th and then the owner stops treating for the winter…that dose on the 12th doesn’t kill all the larvae, so they go on to develop into adults. By the time the owner starts the Tri-Heart on May 12th – it’s too late, there are adult worms in the heart which can’t be killed with the preventative.

For cats, we recommend using Revolution topical monthly – this prevents heartworm disease as well as controlling fleas, ear mites and intestinal worms like roundworm and hookworm.

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